"I'm built for comfort,        
I ain't built  for speed..."
Howlin’ Wolf                   
An Old Bluesman

    These are our thoughts exactly and that is why we are helping to promote St. Lawrence Co kayaking and 1000 Islands kayaking. These areas offer so many wonderful options for smooth water kayaking.

     SLC is one of the largest and least populated counties east of the Mississippi River. There are something like 2282 sq. miles and only 112,000 people living in this vast area. The end result is that there are miles and miles of wonderful rivers and lakes to kayak on in basically isolated and secluded areas, and very few people using them. Almost all the rivers come out of the Adirondack mountain watershed, with very little industry and no cities, so the waters are very clean and full of fish. They rarely even get muddy, even in the hardest rains and flooding conditions. Read more about St. Law. Co.


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We are located on the banks of the Oswegatchie River near Gouverneur


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 "Smooth Water" is our way of describing kayaking in lakes and rivers where there is very little current, no white water, and only an occasional small rapid to go through - just to give you a change of pace now and then. The Lake kayaks are wide and very stable and safe, have high back rests for support, and are very comfortable to sit in even for extended trips. They provide great light to moderate exercise and give you just a beautiful and ever changing view of nature and wildlife. They move along almost effortlessly and are extremely quiet so you are able to approach all sorts of wildlife to get great views or photographs. All the photos on our web page were taken while kayaking.

We provide:

“Cottages and kayaks”

Kayaking vacations at their best!


   We specialize in finding and providing smooth water kayak tours in some of the most beautiful lakes and rivers in SLC. First amongst these will be Beaver Creek and the Oswegatchie River. These waters are home to our two lodges - the Oswegatchie River Lodge and the Beaver Creek Lodge. You can be our guests there at either of these lodges if you would also like to have elegant and tasteful accommodations as part of your kayak experience. You may just be content to walk out your door from your lodge and do all your kayaking without even driving anywhere. Both places provide just superb smooth water kayaking in extraordinarily beautiful and private waters. And we are also happy to provide you with more kayak tours and float trips to other great rivers and lakes in St. Lawrence County and the 1000 Islands region.

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